Nanocomm is a multinational company that was born in Argentina in the year of 2006


We are Leaders of the Latin America market, offering solutions on connection via 4G, GPRS, Lan and Radio for alarm monitoring systems. We develop solutions with bleeding edge technology adapted for the necessities of each market. From 2006 to 2008 our company grew twice its size on sales volume, adding to our portfolio companies that are leaders on security services and alarm monitoring. Our portfolio continues to grow as we develop better solutions.

The sturdiness of our solutions, excellence on the hardware and software development and quality of our solutions, aroused the interest of companies around Latin America to make strategic alliances with Nanocomm for the growth of it’s business. Currently our company has operations on Brazil and Argentina, with representations on Uruguay, Chile, Peru and Mexico, beyond that we have clients on Paraguay, Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia. With this multiplier on our representation on the markets of the continent made us take a step ahead. The creation of the business management of the Latin America taking on account the necessities of its particular market.

“The competition between multinational companies is a challenge for us”


However, it has worked as a stimulus for us to reach our goals. Our growth in this market was achieved through the stability of the solutions provided. It is an award for us to be recognized by experts, as a company that has provided high quality and performance in the development of our products in recent years; The constant development and entrepreneurial spirit of Nanocomm are the pillars of our success, based on promoting solutions for security and monitoring companies.

Always seeking to include necessary and current requirements in the market, both in terms of performance and quality, each launch is accompanied by a high level of professional dedication to enable companies to use our products, thus optimizing the benefits for the growth of their business. All of the company’s products have unique and innovative features, designed to provide tools for everyone involved in the monitoring company: installers, operators, supervisors, salespeople and end users.


We consider it essential, in order to meet the needs of our customers more efficiently, to take quality as a reference. This concept gives us the possibility to introduce continuous improvement allowing us to remain competitive in the market.


Consolidate our position as a regional leader in security and communications, through strategic alliances with local distributors that have the capacity to evolve, grow and support the advancement of new technologies, prioritizing the maintenance of presales and post-sales service, maintaining a commercial and human bond with our customers!


The supply of transmitter products for alarm monitoring, vehicle trackers and industrial connectivity, optimizing information gathering, using the GSM/Ethernet technology network.


Constant evolution is our motto. To be a reference for our customers and potential customers, offering competitive and innovative products at the forefront of technology.

“Nanocomm develops first-world quality solutions, adapted to the needs of each market”

Communications in each region are somewhat complex by themselves or by the human factor, and even more so when adding the behavior of cell phone networks and “all possibilities”. Alarms were raised about the stability of networks in the United States and Europe, which does not have the same behavior in Latin America. The operating behavior of networks is different depending on their working region and sometimes they act irregularly. Nanocomm has a deep understanding of this topic, because its alarm communicators have unique characteristics: they assess and resolve many network variations in the communication process between the alarm center and the monitoring.

Nanocomm’s customers, both in Brazil and throughout Latin America, can be a faithful testimony to the robustness and stability of our solutions. Most of our customers have the profile of companies that want to provide differentiated services, with added value, using top quality products that allow them to bring more profitability to their final balance.

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